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Meneer Jonkers & noovell.com

Together with a team facilitated through Design Network & Associates. Meneer Jonkers acts as UX Lead, working together with a core team to develop the online platform.

About noovell.com

Noovell is a global news platform offering a new approach to reading the news. We aggregate news stories from more than 12,000 individual sources (feeds) worldwide in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Covering all corners

On noovell, you can find news stories from all countries worldwide in one single place. We have no geographic focus and give equal importance to all the countries and regions we cover.

More sides to the story

At noovell, we believe that when it comes to news reporting more is more.

In order to provide you with a broader perspective, we have created a pool of news sources that is more international and more diverse than those used by other news websites. We feature articles from news providers from all corners of the world and from a broad range of political affiliations, thereby giving you a more complete picture of events as they unfold around the globe.

As in everyday life, it always helps to get a second opinion, or a third or fourth… This is why we have created a special button at the bottom right corner of each news window. After clicking this button, you will be able to access all “Related articles from other sources” on the same topic.

The view from the outside

Most news reporting is done through the cultural lens of the country where the given news provider is located. While being close to the story is important, viewing things from afar can often make it easier to put things into perspective. We therefore present a mix of articles from both domestic and international news sources for all the countries and regions we cover.

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